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We are proud to offer the following services:

Services - Personal

We provide standalone personal services for non-business individuals who primarily need assistance with their tax and investment affairs.

Our core personal services are as follows:

Services - Business Startup

Starting a new business is a massive undertaking for anyone. Did you know that for every new business that starts this year it is likely that only 43% will still be going in a year's time and only 20% in 5 years time.

As well as some of our core services that are especially applicable to business startups we can help with:

These are our core business start up services to ensure you are a success...

Services - Taxation

Our taxation services cover the whole spectrum of different taxes and consist of the basic compliance services that most accountants offer but also specialist added value tax services.

These are our core tax services:

Personal And Unincorporated Business Tax

Corporation Tax



Services - Accounting Support

Accounting support services are the basic accounting functions that many business owners will look after themselves in house. However, outsourcing these functions to us can free up valuable management time to concentrate on what you do best - running and growing your business.

Our experience allows us to complete them far quicker than the average client. You can leave all the boring stuff to us and get on with what you enjoy most or just putting your feet up!

These are our core accounting support services...

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W.Maurice & Co. Chartered Management Accountants work closely with our clients and have a first class reputation for what we deliver.

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